“A productive cloud needs to be a secure one” Sawan Joshi

Who am I?

Sawan Joshi:

I am a seasoned IT Technologist whith a black belt made up of experience and qualifications to match. My aproach is to work smart and encourage the same while building amazing teams and delivering Secure scalable adaptable platforms with strong Information Security and to make IT an enabler that delivers improvements in Business continuity. There truly is no buzz like achievement in the professional work space. The biggest enabler to that is knowledge and being a good communicater in order to get the bigger outcome.

Multi-Industry Transformation Experience:

I have led transformation projects in industriies from Media, Management consultancy, Charity, Sports and entertainment to the UKs fastest growing Airport and now I am currently transforming a large property management business. MY employers have had me deliver initiatives all over the globe, Argentina, India, New York, Frankfurt, MIlan, Rio De Janeiro ,Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. Delivering change internationally comes with many challenges and being adaptive is a key enabler for success in these areas and very likely one of my biggest strengths. Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability focused: A speciality of mine is Information security, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to safeguard assets. Security is an enabler and if baked into the design of any solution will never have to be sprayed on top. This encourages Agile behaviour and in any project will not commpromise Quality, time nor cost with the focus always on the outcome.

Book Update:

Everything about the book promised on my blog took a back seat in 2018 due to other professional goals but I do intend to finish and publish it during the school holidays this Summer.

Colleague Statements:

“ When Sawan came along he changed entire perception of IT” “Sawan has a unique ability to communicate to any audience , getting the message across and keeping your attention” “He has evolved with IT from on premises to cloud and the discipline to keep learning is one of a kind”