“A productive cloud needs to be a secure one” Sawan Joshi
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My favourise Cyber security learning experience:

Firstly I love this badge, its so aptly named. Certified Netfork defender! It fits so well into what an organisation needs and i just knew this tile is me and its what I have been doing for so long. I have impleneted the technologies it focuses on such as Intrusion detection systems ,security incidient and event mangement sytems. 2018/2019 has been a big focus in ensuring organisations i work for are able to make a well informed decision and this certificate which I now hold is a proud one.

A game changer for me:

This framework really tool my capability to the next level, I aproached the family of standards as my learning option after working in the Cyber Security field for some time and found it improved my form and aligned my experiences really well. More organisations want this and more should consider an ISMS at minimum. I am pleased to be a qualified implementer in this standard.

Cyber Security Analyst exam was a deep focus on the area:

Such an exciting subject and this training mixed Risk , overall security mangement and deep dive anlysis of security threats and tests using tools and techniques to a good level, It is always important for me to demonstrate i can communicate at all levels of the cyber protection responsible individuals in a business.