“A productive cloud needs to be a secure one” Sawan Joshi

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My Agile story:

I really enjoyed learning agile ,in fact it was the most enjoyable course I have ever put myself through and there has been many. Agile DSDM in particular a fantastic system that I have used since that has ensured I never compromise on Quality, time and cost. A fabulous way to close a project that ensures a complete solution with agreed signed off products due to delivering increments and continous business engagement.

The power of Prince 2:

This was my first formal Project Management Training and certification, I had been an IT Manager for a number of years and became organised through experience, but this took that to another level and was a valuable certification achieved through a strong 5 days in a class room with an exam at the end. I have used it ever since and now tailer Prince2 and Agile methodologies together to provide an adaptive aprach that is focused on the business need.


Around 2008 everone was raving about ITIL although its been a round longer than that of course, I decided to take the plunge and ad it to my training in 2010. Wherever I have worked since its been the defacto model to refer to for effective service management and building high performance IT Service with tenets that improve Asset Management and a culture of continuous imrprovement. I am glad to have achieved the certification.